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General Dentistry In Aurora: Introducing Dental Care Services

Want general dentistry in Aurora CO?

We’d like to partner with you and your family to help you achieve optimal dental health by providing you with the best services under general dentistry in Aurora CO.

Our experience and state-of-the-art facility in southeast Aurora combine to ensure you get accurate diagnoses, a clear understanding of recommended procedures, greater patient comfort and, whenever possible, fewer visits to complete a procedure.

Don’t sit back and let us do all the work! We encourage you to take an active role in your dental health care.

To that end, we have installed monitors above every dental chair, so you get to see everything we see.

This insight helps you understand any issues and options during any treatments within general dentistry in Aurora. And, because we believe in educating our patients, you’ll be actively involved in the decision-making process for any dental procedures Dr. Rankin or Dr. Mingle may recommend.

Learn More About Services Under General Dentistry In Aurora:

Other technologies and procedures we offer:

Whether you need specialized services or come in every 6 months for routine procedures, you’ll benefit from our commitment to state-of-the-art technology and facilities. This means you’ll receive superior care in fewer, shorter visits – with the highest level of comfort possible.

Dental Hygiene:

We recommend 2 hygiene appointments at our general dentistry Aurora office each year, spaced 6 months apart. In addition to teeth cleaning, these appointments offer an opportunity to discuss any problems you may be experiencing, address dental health issues, and reinforce proper brushing techniques, flossing, and overall care. In addition, to preventing cavities, the doctor may recommend fluoride treatment during your dental hygiene appointment to keep your teeth healthy and to help ward off cavities.

If periodontal disease is diagnosed, Dr. Rankin or Dr. Mingle may recommend more frequent visits. Keep in mind, periodontal disease causes the gums to become infected and inflamed. The space around the tooth and gum (called the periodontal pocket or sulcus) increases. Over time, the bacteria can destroy the bone around the teeth, causing them to fall out. We treat periodontal disease,

The space around the tooth and gum (called the periodontal pocket or sulcus) increases. Over time, the bacteria can destroy the bone around the teeth, causing them to fall out. We treat periodontal disease,

We treat periodontal disease, scale, and root planing in conjunction with a drug called ARESTIN ® and laser treatments.

Again, early diagnosis during your 6-month exam and early treatment are the best protection against periodontal disease when considering general dentistry in Aurora.

3D digital X-rays:

This state-of-the-art technology enables more precise diagnoses, which helps us provide the best possible patient care.

With 3D digital x-rays, Dr. Rankin and Dr. Mingle have the ability to see your entire skull, entire upper jaw, and entire lower jaw.

This capability, along with digital bite-wing x-rays, gives the doctor the information needed to make highly accurate diagnoses.

Why is this important? An accurate diagnosis means you get the most appropriate procedure to address your dental needs.

Oral cancer screening:

Going beyond general dentistry in Aurora CO, this screening involves a thorough exam of your mouth and gums, which you view on a monitor mounted above your dental chair.

Our routine oral cancer screening, conducted during your dental hygiene visits, helps to assure early detection and diagnosis.

Restorations and Crowns:

In addition to crowns, we offer several other restorative treatments at our general dentistry office in Aurora.

They include full and partial dentures, fixed bridges, and root canal therapy.

These types of procedures are necessary when cavities destroy a tooth, or periodontal disease requires the extraction of loose teeth.

If you need dental restoration, you and Dr. Mingle or Dr. Rankin will discuss your situation and, together, choose the right restorative option for your needs and desires.

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